Lunch Menu

Snacks and light bites

Bowl of Chips                                                     £3.95                                     add cheese                         £4.55

Garlic Bread                                                       £3.50                                     add cheese                         £5.50

Onion rings                                                                                                                                                    £3.50

Sweet Potato Fries                                                                                                                                        £6.50


Sandwiches - Choose either Farmhouse white or Seeded Batch bread

Cheddar Cheese & Red Onion                                                                                                                     £5.95

Tuna Mayo                                                                                                                                                      £5.95

BLT – Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato                                                                                                               £6.95

Club Triple Stacker – tender chicken breast & bacon (toasted)                                                                     £7.95

Croque Monsieur – Cheese & Ham/Croque Madame – Cheese & Tomato                                                £7.95

Jacket Potatoes                                                                                                                                              £6.95

Cheddar Cheese & Beans

Tuna Mayo

Chefs home made Chilli con Carne

Chefs home made curry ( please ask for todays variety)


Home made lasagne with garlic bread and side salad                                                                        £12.25

Cumberland Sausage with cream mash, garden peas and onion gravy                                       £13.25

Chef’s curry with rice, naan bread and mango chutney                                                                    £12.95

Home made chilli con carne with rice, cheese, sour cream and nachos                                     £12.95

Fish n’ chips with garden peas and tartare sauce                                                                                £13.95

Whole tail scampi, with chunky chips, garden peas and tartare sauce                                        £12.95

Catch of the Day with Side Salad, French Fries and tartar sauce                                                    £12.95

Puddings                                                                                                                                                  £5.95

Waffle served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Warm brownie served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce